Resources on Shell Scripts and Linux Tools


Steven Sun’s Blog

You may find the following pages in Steven Sun’s Blog might be useful:

  1. Some Useful Shell Scripts
  2. Basics of Linux Screen
  3. Update All Python Modules Through Pip
  4. Sort Lines by Length
  5. Wonderful Post on Stdin
  6. Wget Several Files Using Bash Cmd
  7. Useful Awk Commands
  8. Fun Shell Tricks
  9. Sed One-liners
  10. More Color Themes for Pycharm and Webstorm
  11. Grep Lines in One File and Not in the Other
  12. More Perl One-liners
  13. Use Python Request to Download Movies
  14. Find the Common Lines in Multiple Files
  15. sort|uniq vs uniq|sort
  16. Trap Interrupts in Shell Scripts
  17. Installing From Multiple Requirements Files
  18. Useful Bash Scripts
  19. rename a Tmux Session
  20. Notes to Be Take While Using Ssh-keygen
  21. Some Useful Linux Commands
  22. Nohup简介






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