About Me

Hi, This is Steven Sun. My Chinese name is 孙广新。I am an engineer in Sonata, an IT company in China which has close relationship with Cisco.

I use this blog to keep notes of those things I consider important to me while I was learning something new.

The first company I have joined is “Merkle INC”, in Chinese “美库尔商务信息咨询有限公司”, from 2011/05 ~ 2012/07. I am a database production analyst there. I acquired the basic knowledge of SQL, perl, shell script and developed my interest in programming there.

I won the “one team” award in Merkle, which is given to employees who do contribute to their team.

From 2012/10 to 2016/06, I was working in Sonata, in Chinese “自协软件”. I am a threat operations analyst there. I was using perl Regex to write regular expression. I was also using PHP to develop internal web tools and using perl to develop handy perl scripts and using Perl Dancer web frame work to develop web tools to aid my work on writing rules against spam message. I was also using Python/Django to maintain/develop internal tools for the team.

I majored in Computer science and Math when I was in university.

I am interested in math and joined the math competion(although did not get any good result) when I was in college.

I scored 649 in CET-4 and 585 in CET-6.

I am the number one student for three semesters among those non-English major students.

I am a MacOS and Ubuntu user.

For more info about me, please refer to my resume which I put in github:


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